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An Invisible Language

by Khôra



Within the sprawling lea of interlocution, an unspoken, compulsive anxiety existing between users of a language to reach a patent resolution, a safe and incontrovertible end point, obstructs the entities involved from rendering anything outside the sphere of recognition, a tokenism that defines the glib and flippant shape of consensus reality. This occult notion of worlds beyond what tongues can tell possesses the knell of something axiomatic, the truths of individual existences so obviously cloistered and dispersed across the infinite landscape of dependent origination, and yet, as per the logic of the incompleteness theorem, this "outside" cannot be fully demonstrated or sanctioned as a derivative within the game of dialectical contouring, even when taken as a foundation. There is an act of loving balance between cerebral intelligence and the pneumatic intuitions of the heart that being alive demands of us such that we avoid becoming petrified, remaining ideologically sheltered from potentials of transcendence on the one hand, or naively prone to disorientation through phantasmic process in the realms of emotional flux on the other. For those in a position of detached sympathy with its tireless dispatch of signatures, the behest of the future is cast into the vortical present, built onto a gnomic past rife with complexity - will you throw yourself into its mouth, be ground beneath the rhythmic action of its teeth, pronouncing visions with your given tongue from out the resonant hollow of its throat, making the invisible tractable for yourself as for others?

An Invisible Language is a studio document of material composed for a 20 date tour traversing a loop from Toronto to Houston made with Nick Kuepfer and Silent Land Time Machine in the summer of 2011.


released June 7, 2011

Electric and acoustic guitars, junk percussion, synthesizers, field recordings, processing, mixing, and artwork by Khôra

Original printed artwork by Joe Ramolo and Joe Dodaro


all rights reserved



Khôra Toronto, Ontario

parade of masks, transducer of vibratory geometries, extempore aural revelations, muted ecstasies, stalker of thresholds, scribe of a body exultant in the sound of its unfolding, iota amidst the vast

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