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Holographic Dreamtime

by Khôra

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Overcoding 01:40


Holographic Dreamtime chronicles a passage through the vibratory body into gossamer fields, unassailable matrixial zones where transductive thought-forms uncloak themselves as the vectorization of unfolding reality. Through modalities of dilation, resonance and breath, the body attains a wakefulness so elementally riveting that a perspective outside of corporeal pain seems to open and, beyond the surface turmoil of all politics and identity, suffering appears as a story of a life rather than a condition of being. With eyes rooted in eternity, even the ballast of incarnate life, the pulsing reality code of flesh is a dream being dreamt, an oneiric fabric spectral and weaving through the halls and mirrors of immensity. From this hermetic vantage, the universe is aphasiac staring in upon itself, muted by a raucous wonder, specters of morphing symbols and meaning rushing through the circuited gaze, tacit ancestral memory bubbling to the surface of awareness, the illusion of solidity razed before a searing mutant vision. Those familiar with this terrain will discern the retracing of ancient and futural topoi, anamnetic wisdom and alchemical scrawls shaped by the tongues and tools of earthly eras but eternally equivalent in a language of transduction indifferent to medium and capable of turning any input into any output, enfolding polar truths into an identical location, acts marked with paradox when transposed into the clumsy, hoofed realm of linear, human language. Witness and witnessed, speaker and spoken, the helical body is a word in a radiant cosmic language that listens, intoned by a seeking will routed through all individuals and belonging to none. What we refract of this infinite mystery coursing through us ends up looking like our identity in a culture, and so, captured under certain lights, I must appear a fool at odds with themself and epochal sense, a time privileged puppet writing disjunctively about eternity and awareness rather than eternity and awareness itself transmitted. Such is the venture of poetic life, the risk of dwelling in the numinous paradoxes of order and chaos while ferreting in and out of light and darkness upon the telluric plane. If our thought coding is seen, in a humble but heroic act of abeyance, to partake in a vibrational matrix transcending embodied perspective and intent, then the meaning of what we say and do, who we are and will be, is fully metaphoric, gesturing to our inscription in a hyper-dimensionality, fractal, holographic, and inexhaustible. Beholding and working within this subtle geometry of meaning and not attaching to or blindly chasing the mass phantoms of culture and identity is the genuine fortune of poetic existence - or perhaps it is that such a formulation constitutes my private pursuit of specters.

Procedures of self-effacement are elemental to workings under the Khôra name. Holographic Dreamtime takes this operation to an extreme by culling a set of extempore archival recordings spanning one decade (2009-2019) and fusing them in a poly-temporal nesting. This integral method nurtures a revelation of the fragility but empirically transcendent nature of the consciously and unconsciously patterned construct of selfhood. Speaking from many temporal locations at once, the layered sound stems achieve degrees of coherence through a form of stochastic resonance where the noise inherent in our representations is used to extract a weak but durable signal of forces extant through time, contours smoked out until a framework belonging to no local image of self gleams forth. Embarking from the hermetic and magical spur to delve into the shared roots of mind, matter, language, vision, and sound, this recording is an idealization of the music-object as a motile temple, as a resonance chamber with the capacity to relocate the listener within their field of awareness. However it's understood, misconstrued, ignored, or invoked, this esoteric process is equally arcane to the one undertaking it, an imperceptible thresholding, deployed from and abiding in a liminality forever draped in the secrecy of becoming.


released January 23, 2020

Modular synth, percussion, flutes, guitar, erhu, keys, solenoid drumming, home-made electronics, prepared piano harp, field recordings, processing, artwork, and mixing by Khôra

Mastered by Sandro Perri


all rights reserved



Khôra Toronto, Ontario

parade of masks, transducer of vibratory geometries, extempore aural revelations, muted ecstasies, stalker of thresholds, scribe of a body exultant in the sound of its unfolding, iota amidst the vast


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